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All Shook Up Designs was created as an outlet to my suppressed creativity. My entire life, I trained to be an attorney. I majored in Sociology and Philosophy in college, worked for many legal firms, took the LSAT (worst 8 hours of my life), applied and interviewed at 8 law schools, and, finally, decided I didn’t want to wear pantyhose the rest of my life.

To me, pantyhose were the ultimate symbol of confinement and discomfort, which led me on a quest against feeling constrained. Unfortunately, my desire to follow my true passion and purpose has provided many twists, turns, and cubicles, but I am finding my way toward nirvana every day!

To shake up my life and career, I began to work on design of various forms: resume, web, social media, graphic, and marketing. Each task allowed me to further explore and hone a skill. I volunteer for several nonprofit organizations that graciously allow me to practice my skills while giving back to my favorite cause: Australian Shepherds.

Thus, All Shook Up (yes, taken from Elvis’ 1957 song) was created. The name is a nod to my appreciation and respect of retro styles, progressive and positive outlooks, and, of course, rockabilly music. All Shook Up stands for rebelling against the norm, jumping out of your comfort zone, and shaking up your perspective. I have much to learn, to give, and to achieve. I look forward to working with you!