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Celebrating 25 Years of Adobe Photoshop

o-STEVE-TYLER-PHOTOSHOP-facebookAdobe Celebrates 25 Years Of Photoshop With Amazing Short Film

Usually, I tune out commercials on live television (thank goodness for DVR!), but a few days ago, I heard a rock n’ roll classic, “Dream On” by Aerosmith. Naturally, I walked back into the living room to check it out. Lo and behold was this visually stimulating, pop culture influenced, vivid collage of Adobe Photoshop’s contribution to the graphic arts. In my opinion, it was a stunning homage to the creativity of graphic designers, as well as the power and capabilities of Adobe Photoshop (PS) and its ubiquitous presence in our culture.  As PS begins its next 25 year journey, I feel it is important to take notice of how its evolution in the graphic arts mandates competency by any modern day artist. What that means to artists of present and future is a heightened technical prowess and unlimited potential for capturing the imagination.

Vonecia Carswell accurately describes PS’s omnipresence by stating that “The Adobe imaging software is the backbone behind many of the goods and services we utilize daily as well as a mandatory step in just about every artist’s creative process, whether for print, film or the Web” (2015). Though PS is not the end all and be all of graphic design, it holds enough significance that, without competence in its platform, a designer may fall behind others with this skill set. Also, Rauch states, “People don’t read pure text anymore when it comes to online content and content marketing. You need well-crafted and eye-catching visuals if you want people to stay on your site, read the text, and complete the action you need in the first place (usually a purchase). In fact, all the modern data collected proves that visuals increase engagement by at least 10%” (2014). PS provides the tools to meet these goals, particularly in this modern era of creating and appealing to the visual senses of the target population.

All Shook Up Designs and Adobe Photoshop

In curating articles, blog posts, and tweets for my Storify story, I realized much of the content related to graphic design featured the Adobe Creative Suite and, in particular, Adobe Photoshop. It’s a design platform that, though widely used, is also individually managed depending on the user’s design focus, talents, and objectives. Photoshop allows the user to explore outside their boundaries provided the range of tools in the platform.

In viewing the above video released by Photoshop, many times, it occurs to me that I am only using a fraction of the capabilities of this software. This realization, at first, was overwhelming; however, it s inspiring to work toward learning more techniques to becoming a better designer. As software continues to evolve, it is critical to a designer’s success to stay current and proficient in the platforms that sustain your work. For me, viewing the video that showcases the best of Photoshop, gives me a goal to work toward. In fact, I believe that there will always something to work toward and to improve one’s craft. Overall, I feel this video demonstrates Photoshop’s true power is not necessarily the tools it provides the user, but its power resides in the imagination and talent of the user. I challenge my readers to re-view the video and appreciate the artistry of the skilled designers portrayed. Photoshop isn’t graphic design. It is a tool for designers to use. So, this celebration should be geared not just to Adobe Photoshop, but to the designers.


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